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Upper gate

Porta Soprana (upper gate of the third wall of the seven built) was once the main gateway to the city of Genoa.
It is one of the main medieval architecture in stone of Genoa and is situated on the top floor of St. Andrew, a short distance from the historic district of Ravecca, the ancient oppidum citizen. Not far from it is the house-museum of Christopher Columbus. Both the museum centers of the towers of the door is the home of Columbus is open to the public and can be visited. Over the course of going through the door, consisting of two towers and a large vault is engraved with an inscription in which the passage itself is an interpreter, through these words, the intentions of the city:
(Latin original)
In nomine Omnipotentis Dei Patris et Filii et Spiritus Sancti. Amen. Sum equipped viri, et muris circumdata MIRIS virtue mea Appellate procul hostica canvas. It Has licet tibi pacem portas Tangere portas, you bellum queres tristis victusque recedes. Auster et Occasus, Septemptrio novelty Ortus et quantos bellorum superavi Ianua motus. In consulatu comunis Wilielmi Pigs, Oberti Cancellarii, Iohannis Malaucelli et Wilielmi Lusii placitorum Boiamundi et de Odone, Bonivassalli de Castro, Wilielmi Stanconis, Wilielmi Cigale, Nicole Oberti et ROCE Recalcati
In the name of almighty God, Father, Son and Holy Spirit. amen
They are guarded by soldiers and surrounded by beautiful walls
and cast away with my value darts enemies. If you bring peace, well matched to these ports, if you are looking for war, sad and beat you retire. The South and the West, the North and the East know about the enormous thrills of Genoa wars I have prevailed. In the consulate of common William Porzio, Oberto Chancellor, John and William Maluccelli lusio, and directors of Bohemond of Odo, Bonvassallo Castro, William Stangone, William Cigala, Nicholas Roca and Oberto Recalcati
Another inscription then returns:


"Mars fuit hactenus populi mei, Africa mota post partes Asie et ab hinc Yspania total; Almariam cepi Tortosamque subegi, septimus annus ab hac et erat quartus aa ab illa. Hoc ego I Cumulative munimen Ianua pridem j centeno cum tociensque quino year post partum Virginis venerable almum. In consulatu comunis Wilielmi Lusii, Iohannis Maliaucelli, Oberti Cancellarii, Wilielmi Pigs; de placitis Oberti Recalcati, Nicole ROCE, Wilielmi Cigale, Wilielmi Stangoni, Bonivassalli de Castro et de Odone Boiamundi »

"From the war of my people was shaken so far beyond the regions of Africa here in Spain. I Conquered Almeria and Tortosa, this seven years ago and eight years ago that, when at first I was raised up this fortification in Genoa millecentocinquantacinquesimo year after the glorious birth of the Blessed Virgin. In the consulate of common William lusio, John Maloccello, Oberto Chancellor, William Porzio; on the advice of Oberto Recalcati Nicholas Roca, William Cigala, William Stangone, Bonvassallo Castro and Bohemond of Odo »
Historical information from Wikipedia Encyclopedia online.


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