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The songs trallalleri types Genoese

A pearl of which I was not aware, read what I found on the net ...

In October of '54 Alan Lomax recorded in Genoa trallalero, remaining fascinated, so much to say "Trallalero, the most perfect choristers in Western Europe." Some of these documents have been published sound luckily. This song I think is something extraordinary about how the team was able to interpret Singing a song, and certainly not easy, like "In the Mood" by Glenn Miller, who was the symbol of the arrival of American music track in Italy after the war. For my part, I tried to make with pictures and vintage photos of the atmosphere that Genoa in its most representative environments and receptive to what was once the meeting of two cultures: the port, with even with the hook and the dockers' blind alley with the U.S. Marines and everything was spinning around. The song is performed by Team Singing "Borghetto", conducted by Vinicius Santoni. The team takes its name from a small neighborhood of the delegation of Rivarolo, but, for logistical reasons had its "seat" and the rehearsal room at Club Carbonai Sampierdarena, which still exists. The chorus bass was mainly composed of dock workers engaged in the unloading of coal: the "Carbunè" fact. The Tenor, "or primmo" was Bacci, who had workshop mechanic. The alto was Paolin, Molassana, maybe it was the largest ever. The guitar was Adriano Caveglia, already master of the team before Vinicius. Hadrian was one of the members of the trio with Universal where he performed as the first entry. The baritone "or cuntrubassu" Sergio was Bruzzone. And 'one of the last still living in that group.
A heartfelt thanks to Claudio Bruzzone, son of Sergio, who kindly gave me all this valuable information.

in the mood
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